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Turkey travel guide

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The largest city in Turkey and its cultural and historic centre. The city lies in Europe and Asia and blends western and eastern culture. During centuries this city was famous all over the world as Byzantium and Constantinople and now save its glory and heritage in numerous sights such as Hagia Sophia, the Topkapi Palace, the Blue Mosque, the Gran Bazaar, etc.


An ancient Greek city that was built in the 10th century BC is located on the territory of Turkey now. It was famous for one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World - Temple of Artemis. Among other sights there are The Library of Celsus, the theatre that is believed to be the largest in the ancient world, The Temple of Hadrian, etc. Though nowadays it’s possible to see only remains they are still show the former grandeur of the the ancient world important commercial centre.


Thermal pools of Pamukkale amaze by its shimmering, snow-white hot springs. In the 2nd century BC the ancient city of Hierapolis was founded there as a thermal spa and became a healing centre where the thermal springs were used as a treatment for patients. Now it’s still possible to enjoy bathing in healing pools. There are well-preserved Roman ruins and a museum as well that welcome tourists.


Cappadocia is located in the heartland of Turkey and lies in central Anatolia. It’s one of the most breathtaking regions of Turkey that is famous for its unique geological structures and cave towns. Stunning rocks were formed several millions years ago and locals carved out houses, churches and monasteries from the soft rocks of volcanic deposits. Now it’s possible to enjoy marvellous views of that region not only from the earth but flying up to 2 km high above the earth on hot-air balloons.


The legendary city of Troy was the setting for Homer’s Iliad and many historians now believe that the archaeological ruins in Turkey were those that Homer wrote about. The city which name is associated closely with such legendary characters as Paris and Helen and the famous Trojan horse couldn’t exclude the inclusion in the list of UNESCO World Heritage sites.