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School Trips & Language Courses
Educational and cultural trips to the Caucasus
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School Trips & Language Courses

Educational and cultural trips to the Caucasus
We believe that the educational process should not end when we leave the classroom. Traveling ourselves as children, we still remember the joy and excitement of exploring different countries. We believe that traveling abroad rewards inquisitive young minds with the amazing diversity of our planet and its people. We would like to offer you the perfect opportunity to take your students out of their normal environment and give them a rare, life-changing educational experience.

Soviet history and Russian language practice

At present, educational trips to the Russian Federation for the purpose of practicing the Russian language and learning the history are almost impossible. As an alternative, we offer trips to Georgia, where students, in addition to learning the rich cultural heritage and the history associated with the Soviet Union, will also be able to practice their Russian language skills. There are many sights in Georgia, one way or another connected with the history and culture of Russia and the Soviet Union: historic buildings in Tbilisi, the house-museum of Joseph Stalin in Gori - his birthplace, Lermontov places and much more. The programme may also include a visit to a Russian school in Tbilisi.


Our most popular routes displayed below have already been tested by a number of schools. We can provide school references upon request. The teachers who participated in the trips will be happy to share their experience with potential customers. In the meantime you can read our customers’ reviews.

Your ideal itinerary

Please have a look at our sample itineraries designed for educational school and university trips to Georgia. Please note, on all of our trips with a group of more than 10 participants, teachers are always provided with complimentary travel.

If required, we are able to develop similar routes in other countries of the Caucasian region: Armenia and Azerbaijan. Wherever your imagination might take you, we are able to tailor-make any travel solution for you. Just give us an idea about your interests, number or participants, your budget and we will be happy to offer you an exceptional personalised itinerary. You can read more about the countries of the Caucasus in our online guides to Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan.

Sample itineraries